Sparta Meadowview - Business Education

 Students using computers

Why is Business Education Important?

“A virtually unanimous 99 percent of voters say that teaching students a wide range of 21st century skills—including critical thinking and problem-solving skills, computer and technology skills, and communication and self-direction skills—is important to our country’s future economic success.”

Source:  Beyond the Three Rs  - Voter Attitudes toward 21st Century Skills, 2007 

“Amid the worst job market in 25 years, IT is holding steady. Overall, companies are so dependent on IT that they can't lay off the people who keep their data center operations humming…”

Source:  Network World , 3/30/2009  

Business Education plays an important role in preparing students to become responsible citizens, capable of making economic decisions that will benefit their personal and professional lives.  Students will practice the interpersonal, teamwork, and leadership skills that will help them to be successful in any environment.

Business Education Standards are based a set of competencies designed to prepare students to become knowledgeable and ethical decision makers as consumers, workers, and citizens.  The Standards are based on the conviction that business education competencies are essential for all students.  Technology usage in our homes and in business continues to accelerate.  From using desktop computers to input data, track orders and inventory, write memos and reports, to operating sophisticated computer-controlled equipment, it is important to prepare all student s for a technological society.  Computer and technology skills are an important skill set; efficient keyboard and computer operation is a necessary skill for the majority of occupations. 

As the nature of work continues to change, business education becomes increasinlgy important to all of us.